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We're a membership-funded email newsletter, research hub and community forum dedicated to unpacking the fine print of commercial, technological and cultural change in the music industry. Our articles dig far beyond surface-level press releases and metrics into the nuances of how the industry really works. Over 12,000 innovators — from budding artists and managers, to C-Suite execs at publicly-traded music companies, to tech founders, investors and advertisers looking to break into music — turn to us as a north star for where to look next.

Water & Music is run by longtime music-tech writer and researcher Cherie Hu, whose name you may recognize from her work for Billboard, Forbes, NPR Music, Pitchfork, Music Business Worldwide and many other publications. The name of this newsletter comes from a 2015 HYPEBEAST interview between Quincy Jones and Kendrick Lamar, in which the former declares: "The last things to leave this planet will be water and music."

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